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The DEGA Group
Version 2.0

"Connecting the Jedi through our words of wisdom"

Update - Welcome to the New DEGA Group! We're on our way to getting things rolling around here again. If you haven't looked yet, be sure to swing by our message boards. You can get there by clicking on DEGA FORUMS to your left.

If you knew what we were before, you may be saying, "Now, the Dega were people who went out to other sites for the Jedi United. But the Jedi United isn't there anymore..." Well, you're right. The Jedi United isn't there anymore. The Jedi United has evolved - just as the Dega have - into what is now the Jedi Organization. The goals are a bit more broad, and the resources a little bit better. So, stay tuned, we'll have more information as it becomes available.

Also, keep an eye out for our new layout and look!

Some of you may be asking...

"What is a Jedi Dega?"

"The Dega are scouts, courageous to tell the people the word whether or not they are mocked down for it. Some of us will be banned. Some of us will be known as heros. Yet in the end, we will be known, and we will make a show not to forget.

We are the ones that decide to go the extra mile. We are the spreaders of the faith. If we fail, we will keep going, until the message is heard. Unity is the key."

-- Relan Volkum, Dega Archon

Updated Jul. 31, 2001

The Jedi Organization

Visit the Jedi Organization and find out more!